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FOR me?

Meet some of our amazing ladies in the community and hear their stories from struggle to triumph.

I Finally Found Work-Life Balance

I was working so hard for so little gain…for a really long time. I have finally established a work life balance that I didn’t think was possible.

Raina Penn

Washington, USA

Loving my work and my marriage again!

Before the program I was uncentered and scared all the time. I now have a deeper connection with my husband…I am patient and kind with my daughter…and I’m enjoying my work so much more.

Tessa Moeller

Multimedia Specialist
Indiana, USA

Best Financial and Personal Investment Ever

This program is the best financial and personal investment I’ve made in my life. It’s worth every single dime, minute, and hour I spent. As a result, I received the most amazing gifts, many of which I never could have imagined possible. Unlike other coaching experiences, this program provided me with a set curriculum that was a combination of practical and holistic strategies.

Raquel Corona

PHD Professor
New York, NY

Learning a New Way

My Mother is a Vietnamese immigrant so speaking up and being loud is not a trait I [learned] as a child. Going through this program and being able to find my voice and teach my daughter how to find hers is something I’m going to hold onto forever.

Cat Gutierrez

California, USA

I’m Working Fewer Hours and Have More Time With My Son!

Before the program I had lost myself. I sit today with a much better job…work fewer hours and spend more time with my son…it’s been life changing.

T.K. Booker Porter

Medical Writing Executive Director
California, USA

Thriving Professionally and Personally
Thank you for everything! I’ve not only been able to handle the stress of motherhood and work, but I’ve been thriving at both while setting boundaries, making ample time for myself, and mentoring/supporting other women along the way. I just received my 3rd promotion since graduating from the program and am co-leading a marketing team of 30. Plus I’m 13 weeks pregnant with our second child!

Lauren Barry

Marketing Director
Dallas, TX

I’m Fully Present with My Daughters

Professionally, this work has changed the way I lead people. Personally, I’m actually fully present with my daughters and my husband tells me I’m actually listening to him now.

Helena Cho

Marketing Analytics Director
Texas, USA

I Found My Voice + Deepened My Relationships

Before the program I was so hollow. The transformation is amazing! It’s like night and day…I’m so much more present…I’m fully aware…I have deeper relationships…I stopped the blaming…I could not have done this on my own.

Kavita Umarani

Marketing Strategist
Connecticut, USA

This Program Creates Profound Change
This program is powerful! My journey has been a life-changing experience, and I will forever be grateful. If you are genuinely ready for a profound change, this is the journey you must take. Just trust the process and know you can have it all.

Yavonne Murry

VP of Clinical Services
Mississippi, USA

I Got a Promotion + Calmed My Personal Life

I learned to set boundaries…use my voice and follow the tools of the program… I received a promotion…my team has come together…and my personal life is a lot calmer.

Tina Wagner

Strategic Insurance Account Executive
Wisconsin, USA

This Program has Changed My Life

Being in this community has opened my heart, opened my feelings and opened me to me. Whereas before I was totally in my head, and acting and speaking from my mind and not my heart.

Kathryn Ray

Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Illinois, USA

Don’t wait. Just leap and trust this journey.

I was a super workaholic, yelling at my daughter and considering quitting my job because I was so emotionally fried. I signed up for clarity on my career, it what I got was how to live as the whole me. This community has allowed me, as a leader, to break down the walls and let other women in. My relationship with my daughter is better than ever. Don’t wait. Just leap and trust this journey.

Corinne Koppel

Managing Director – CFO & Enterprise Value
California, CA

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