The Simple 4 Steps to Banish Burnout, End Overwhelm, and Finally Get Your Peace of Mind Back

(without having to quit your job or burn down everything you’ve worked so hard to build)

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:
  • The step by step game plan our clients use to end exhaustion and reinvigorate their career even if they've tried everything else.

  • The #1 reason highly successful, motiviated, ambituous women burn out and how our clients find balance no matter how busy their lives are.

  • How our clients are finding more meaning and purpose without quitting their jobs even though quitting once felt like the only option.

  • How to finally be present for date nights, family vacations, and kids' soccer games without constantly thinking about your to-do list or glancing at your phone.

  • The 6 power pitfalls that can absolutely throttle almost any woman's professional and personal life and the sneaky trick our clients use to avoid them completely.

  • to do all of this while working less and living more without sacrificing your health, your relationships or your happiness.

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Julie Santiago

Inspired by her own experience climbing the Wall Street corporate ladder, Julie Santiago developed her signature coaching program based on 10 years of research in neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, and holistic leadership development. She’s since helped more than 1,000 women successfully banish burnout and live balanced, fulfilling lives.

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